Recommendations and Favorites Make Shopping Easier

We’re always creating a better shopping experience by adding new features to our marketplace. Our latest update now provides personalized product recommendations while letting you keep track of your favorite products. Save time by knowing when we have products that are just right for you.

Get recommendations via email. You’ll start by getting emails up to twice a week with personalized recommendations based on your preferences or what you’ve favorited. This helps make sure you get what you want and know when it is available.


Track your favorites. Click the heart symbol on your favorite products and we’ll keep track of them for you, including notifying you when they’re available for purchase. Go to your Favorites page and review them anytime.


Shop more, Get better recommendations. Like some of your favorite ecommerce sites, we’re able to provide better recommendations the more you shop at FoodMaven.


Get Started

Enable emails from FoodMaven. If you aren’t currently receiving emails from FoodMaven, you’ll need to opt-in by contacting your account executive or click here to email us.

Favorite a few products. To help us quickly understand what you like, click the heart symbol on products on the product page. These products will also be stored on your Favorites page.

Start shopping. We’ll know what you like as you go through the site and buy.

You’ll start getting emails every Sunday and Wednesday with  recommended products. You can also visit your Recommended Products tab or Favorites page to keep track whenever you need.


ave questions? Contact our support team for information.