New Marketplace Updates Make Buying Even Easier

We’re always looking to create a better Marketplace experience. Here are some of our latest improvements to help you better navigate our Marketplace while also helping you find the best products and deals customized just for you. 

New categories for easier buying. 


  • Weekly SpecialsHot Deals has now become “Weekly Specials” with a new focus on providing you great value for a limited time on certain products. You’ll still get our weekly emails so you always know the moment our specials hit the Marketplace. 
  • Deep DiscountsWe created a new category for products with extra value. This is where you’ll find some of our lowest cost options at the Marketplace. 
  • Our Everyday products. Core products have now become Everyday products, so you’ll know that these products are always available for your convenience. Just look for the ‘Everyday’ badge for quick reference. 

       Menu changes for a better experience. 


Introducing My FoodMaven. To help you find those menu options that are tailored to you, look in this new menu on the left-hand side of the Marketplace, which includes: 

  • Past Orders. All of your earlier orders for quick reference. 
  • Reorder. Get a list of all your previously ordered products (that are in stock) for quick reordering. 
  • Favorites. A list of all your ‘favorited’ products to make ordering even easier. 
  • Recommended. Personalized recommendations based on your shopping preferences. 

The Featured menu area will still be your destination for Local Products and New Products as well as our new Weekly Specials and Deep Discount collections. 

More information on our product pages. 


We’ve updated our product pages to ensure that you’ll have all information you need to make the right choice. 

  • More expanded product titles. Get all the key product attributes in the title to make browsing and buying quicker and easier. 
  • Product quality descriptions for produce. We’ve included more detail descriptions for our produce so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. 

You’ll also notice a variety of other graphic changes to improve the overall look and feel of the site.