How is FoodMaven transforming the food system?

FoodMaven Director of Marketing, Julian Flores explains the 3 ingredients that will change the food system: 1. Support Farmers 2. Prevent Waste 3. Fight Hunger. FoodMaven works with local farmers and ranchers to make sure they have access to commercial kitchens and an alternative to solely relying on farmers markets. Consumers expect full grocery shelves, and this leads to a system that demands more product than can ever be used. On top of that, not all product looks perfect, and it ends up without a plate. Chefs don't need perfect looking product since it's going to be diced, sliced and cooked up anyway. We connects this oversupplied and imperfect product to kitchens, resulting in reduced food waste. In a world of so much waste, how can we also have so many hungry people? We're a zero waste company, and anything that doesn't rapidly sell is donated to hunger relief organizations. No one should go hungry when there is so much uneaten food ending up in landfills. Check out this video from Kroger's Wellness your Way Denver Festival to learn how we're trying to fix this broken system.